Walking on Exmoor on October 22nd, we saw large numbers of fieldfares eating the berries on hawthorn and rowan trees. Redwings were probably among them too. I hadn’t yet heard fieldfares over the Stockleigh Pomeroy area. But on October 27th, there they were flying over, and now they’re heard regularly, sometimes on fallen apples. Last year, they feasted on the plentiful fallen apple crop through until February. Another favourite place to look out for them is amongst ripe holly berries in hedges and woods - or perhaps on berry-rich trees in gardens. Individual thrushes sometimes defend trees with good berry crops, so that they can have a dependable food supply. Other bird activity to look out for now is flocks of finches - goldfinches and chaffinches particularly - in hedges, on fields, winter seed crops, thistle seeds etc.