Here near Stockleigh Pomeroy spring is coming on fast. Chiffchaffs have been singing for well over a week, and the newest arrivals are Blackcaps. This morning, one was singing in a shrub outside the window loudly and beautifully. Butterflies, too, are out and about - peacocks in good numbers, brimstones, commas and small whites. Soon, there will be orange-tips, but I haven't seen any yet. One thing most people miss is the remarkable Bee Flies hovering over the primroses. They are a spring phenomenon and look like small bees, but are flies - with a striking feature sticking out of their mouths, an enormous proboscis! This they use for collecting nectar. With the coronavirus about, there's lots of gloom and doom. But if you have a garden, you can see lots of spring events to cheer you up. Even tiny things can have a wow factor, so keep looking if you can. And listening to the bird song - you never know what might turn up in your garden on the way to somewhere else!